The constant desire to work optimally leads us to find effective solutions to solve problems and to constantly challenge the status quo. Every day we strive to improve our company and offer our customers high quality services and products. Our unique production processes, the materials and treatments we select, the consultancy service and special products made to measure are proof of how we put our principles into practice.

Special Machines

Specially designed and built by us to have fast and flexible production lines able to achieve high quality products without compromise.

Materials and Treatments

The materials used in our production departments are carefully selected to ensure high wear resistance and long life of the products. We also carry out surface finishing and hard chrome plating treatments to improve its properties and technical characteristics.

Custom Made Products and Technical Assistance

With our experience and flexibility we can design and manufacture combs and wire guidance systems  for special applications. Over the years we have been able to propose innovative solutions and develop considerable know-how.