Sommaruga s.r.l. is a company located in Gallarate (VA) in north Italy, founded in 1926 by Giulio Sommaruga, today specialized in the production of wire guide systems.
The activity has developed over the years following the technological evolution of the machinery on which our products are installed, adapting production processes to increasing quality requirements, proposing technologically innovative solutions. The research of special materials and surface hardening treatments has been our constant commitment in last few years and puts us at the forefront of our industry sector. Our production departments are constantly evolving, equipped with traditional machinery and CNC machine tools, allowing us to create both the individual mechanical components of our products as well as those specifically requested by the customer.



The quality of our products comes from the care in the design and the choice of materials and specialized treatments of the highest level. The materials used in ours production departments are selected based on their best technical characteristics such as resistance to wear and tear, to ensure a long life of our products.
We also use special treatments and chrome to meet all needs processing of the different fibers.



Sommaruga s.r.l. thanks to his experience is able to provide a professional technical assistance in the various moments of the relationship with the customer; starting from a customized design to the solution, realization and maintenance of its products.