Sommaruga s.r.l. specializes in the production of high precision combs, reeds and guiding systems for yarns, threads and cords. A family-run company that for 4 generations continues to grow and improve constantly. Experience, know-how and innovation are just some of the features that allow us to collaborate with companies of excellence in the textile sector and other sectors that require accurate alignment and positioning of various types of wires, metal cords and similar. By proposing and creating tailor-made solutions we can best meet the needs of our customers.

Our History

Sommaruga s.r.l. was founded in 1926 by Giulio Sommaruga in Gallarate, in the province of Varese, one of the most active and productive areas of northern Italy. Initially the production is aimed at the combs for looms of local weaving industry, over the years numerous innovations and subsequent generations make the company grow expanding the range of products and exporting them worldwide.

Our Commitment

We strongly believe in 360-degree innovation and continuous improvement. We combine new technologies with the experience gained in more than 90 years to offer products with ever higher quality standards. We develop new ideas to solve problems, increase productivity and quality of our production processes and especially in the production processes of our customers.

Technology and Innovation

Our departments are constantly evolving, we use 3D design software, CNC machines (computerized numerical control) and special machines designed and manufactured by us. Of fundamental importance are our expert technicians who pay strict attention to all the details of processing: selection of raw materials and treatments, realization of components, assembly, quality control.


We manufacture high precision combs and reeds for weaving and warp preparation, such as: loom reeds, combs for warping, beaming, sizing and assembling machines.  Furthermore, we design tailor made combs and wire guidance systems for special applications that require precise wire alignment and positioning. We also produce the new automatic leasing device "Cernimatic LS" the evolution of the "Cernimatic S" invented and patented by Luigi Sommaruga in 1989.